Why Alabama Medicare Plans

Medicare Expertise  I have been serving clients in the state of Alabama for 30 years, and my office is in Birmingham. If you are planning to go on Medicare soon, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available for you to sift through. Medicare is different in many ways from the coverage you have had through your employer. With my experience and knowledge, I will answer your questions and go over your options to find a plan that fits your needs and budget.

Working With Me Doesn’t Cost You Anything  There are no fees for my services. The insurance company compensates me by paying me a commission if you enroll in one of the Medicare supplement plans I offer. Why not get the help of a knowledgeable agent who can make the process of signing up for a Medicare supplement smooth and uncomplicated.

Save You Time  Your time is valuable. I can save you time and money by making the plan comparisons to help you narrow down your options. I want to help you find the Medicare supplement that gives you the freedom to go to any doctor or hospital of your choice. Just as important is to select a Medicare supplement where you don’t have to worry about what the bills will be when you need medical care.

Exceptional Customer Service  Once you become a client, I’m always available by phone or email to answer questions about your coverage. I also work with my clients to help them manage the ever-increasing cost of prescription medications. You don’t have to call the insurance’s company’s 1-800 number to get customer service call me because I believe in personal service. It’s essential to have someone looking out for your best interest year after year when it comes to your insurance.

Steve Adlman
medicare plans