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Medicare Expertise 

I have been serving clients in Alabama for over 30 years, and my office is in Birmingham. If you are turning 65 soon and planning to enroll in Medicare, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available for you to sift through. Choosing which Medicare Supplement to enroll in can be confusing and frustrating for many people. Medicare is different in many ways from the coverage you have had through your employer. With my experience and knowledge, I will listen to you, answer your questions, and go over your choices to find the Medicare Supplement plan that best fits your needs and budget.
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No Fees For My Services

My help is at no cost or obligation to you. I can meet with you in person or over the telephone. Why not get the help of a knowledgeable agent who can make the process of signing up for a Medicare Supplement smooth and uncomplicated. If you chose the wrong Medicare health plan, you may not be able to see the doctors and hospitals of your choice and could end up owing thousands of dollars for medical services when faced with serious and or chronic health conditions. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 85% of people aged 65 and older have one chronic condition, and 56% have two chronic conditions. If you don’t choose the right Medicare health plan, a chronic health condition could be devastating to your finances.

Let Me Do The Research

Your time is valuable. I can save you time and money by making the plan comparisons to narrow down your options. I can help you find the Medicare Supplement plan that will best fit your needs. Since I am an independent agent, I’m not tied to one company. I can shop for you among nationally recognized companies that have an A+ financial rating. I will listen to you, answer your questions and go over your choices to help you select a plan with confidence. It’s important that you can go to any doctor or hospital of your choice, not have to fight with an insurance company over pre-authorizations to receive care, and not have to worry about medical bills when you need treatment for serious or life-threatening illnesses. It is essential to put you in charge of your health care, not an insurance company.
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Personal Service 

Once you become a client, I’m always available by phone or email to answer questions about your coverage, claims, or prescription drug coverage. You don’t have to call the insurance company’s 1-800 number to get customer service; call me because I believe in personal service. Personal service is becoming a thing of the past between policy owners and their agents. Today, many people will tell you they have not heard from their agent in years or do not have an agent they can call for service. That is not the case if I am your agent. It is essential to have someone looking out for your best interest year after year regarding your Medicare Supplement and prescription drug coverage. 
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