KW Centreville, AL

“Just recently applied for medicare. Steve gave great service with my supplement and pharmacy plans. He went out of his way to provide this information and the application. I didn’t really have to do a thing. Thanks Steve !!”  

JC Duda, Montevallo Al

“Steve puts the customer first.  My wife and I highly recommend him.” 

SSG, Vestavia, AL

“Going into my meeting with Steve, I knew little to nothing about how to sign up for Medicare.  He explained everything in a very simple way so that at the end of the meeting, I understood the program.  Follow up with Steve has also been great; he is there for questions any time I need him.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Steve with Alabama Medicare Plans – 5 stars!!!”  

J. Brannon., MountainBrook, AL

“Prompt Prepared Professional presentation delivered in a friendly painless way. Steve made my switch to Medicare very easy to understand and implement!”  

L. Stockton., Birmingham, AL

“I highly recommend Steve. He is very knowledgeable and took the time to explain all of our options regarding Medicare supplements. He made the process very easy for us in selecting and signing up for the best plan to fit our needs.”

Howard M. and Jeanna Bowman, Gadsden, AL

“Excellent service, always there to answer any questions and right on as far as accuracy of information provided and exact amount(s) relating to what various plans would cost us.  Responsive to any calls and concerns.  Made our transition into Medicare and the supplements a lot easier with peace of mind.” 

Dianne C. Bonner, Odenville, AL

“Steve Adlman has been a tremendous resource in assisting with my Medicare planning. He is highly knowledgeable, professional and works hard to make everything clear regarding the different plans. He is always available for the questions and concerns of his clients.”  

Janice Gordon, Wilsonville, AL

“I highly recommend Mr. Steve Adlman. He is professional, knowledgeable & kind. He has assisted me for several years now, 1st with my husband, now me, in guiding me through the maze of Medicare plans! He sits down with you, goes over your personal health needs, simply explains options available so I can understand them. He answers my questions and even answers questions that I don’t know to ask! He has saved me hours of time, energy & money $$!! I would recommend that you call or email him before you turn 65. And call after 65 because we have to update every year. I’ve talked to several family & friends that are on incorrect plans.  Steve has helped them get better coverage, too. Thank you, Steve!” 

Joseph Tubbs, Tuscaloosa, AL

“Steve was very helpful and professional in our dealing. He went the extra mile to make sure I understood material and was satisfied with my purchase. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone seeking help with insurance.” 

Jimmy W

“Very helpful!”

Vickie Margene

“Steve Adlman handled my transition from employee based insurance to Medicare and Supplement insurance this past spring. My husband and I had dreaded entering the labyrinth of Medicare for years, and in desperation for advice my husband started searching online for guidance -which led us to Mr. Adlman.
I cannot express the relief we experienced as he visited our home and laid out the meanings, options, and limitations of both Medicare itself and the long list of supplement options we could choose from. Then he left with our “maybe” list, and researched and fine-tuned the particulars, returning to our home where we made final choices and jumped onboard.
I asked him for several of his cards to hand out to my friends. He is completely courteous, punctual, thorough, well-informed, and succinct. I value his assistance and professionalism more than I can express.

Joan W

“I was very confused on what insurance suppilment I needed when I turned 65. Mr Aldman came to my house and set down with me and answered my questions I had, and also called him on phone and helped me also.” 

Angie Cacioppo

“Steve assisted my husband when he needed to make the choices of a Medicare Plan, Supplement Insurance, and Prescription Company. Recently he gave me the same excellent customer service and professionalism. He explained information in a way that is understandable, and I sincerely appreciate his expertise during such an important decision-making time of my life.” 

Suzanne Pruitt

“Steve was so helpful explaining things and showing me the different options available to me. I highly recommend him.”

Colin. P

“Steve is a professional all the way. He seems to be a kind and generous person plus very knowledgeable of his job.” 

Lynn Olson

“Steve Adlman is an exemplary agent. He gives excellent service with professionalism and understanding. He is very knowledgeable and able to assist, with expertise, in the navigation of the systems. He doesn’t just sell you a policy, he gives you the tools to know that the choice that that you have made is the absolute best for you.” 

Joshua K

“Steve really helped make this transition easy with his professionalism, common man explanations, and knowledge!”

Thomas G. McInnis

“Totally satisfied. All medicare plans and supplements have been thoroughly explained and discussed. All questions adequately, professionally and promptly answered. Renewal options have been reviewed and presented in a way to make knowledgeable choices.  Mr. Adlman has always been available to assist in me in making sound decisions related to Medicare coverage plans.”