Medicare Supplements

Medicare is confusing, particularly selecting a Medicare Supplement and drug plan.

I am an independent insurance agent in Birmingham, Alabama, with over 30 years of experience. I can take the confusion out of Medicare and make the process of selecting a Medicare Supplement and drug plan easy. My passion is to help you make an educated and informed decision about your healthcare. I am happy to meet with you in person or talk with you over the phone. Best of all, my help is at no cost or obligation to you.
Once you become a client, I’m always available by phone or email to answer questions about your coverage, claims, or prescription drug coverage. You don’t have to call an insurance company’s 1-800 number to get customer service; call me because I believe in personal service. I will always work hard to provide you with quality insurance and excellent service.
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What Are Medicare Supplements (Medigap)

Medicare Supplements fill in the gaps in Medicare that you would have to pay (deductibles, coinsurance, and copays), leaving you with low, predictable medical expenses.
Medicare Supplements give you the freedom to choose your doctors and hospitals. Nationwide coverage – you can use it anywhere in the United States.
If a doctor or hospital accepts Medicare, they will also take your Medicare Supplement, regardless of which company provides the coverage.

Peace of Mind When You Need It The Most

Peace of mind of not having to worry about medical bills when faced with a serious illness.
Medicare only covers 80% of the cost of doctor and outpatient services, leaving you with 20% coinsurance. Medicare Supplements cover the other 20%.
Medicare has a deductible of $1,484 for hospital care and expensive daily copays. Medicare Supplements cover the deductible and the daily copays.

Don't Miss This Chance

The best time to enroll in a Medicare Supplement is during your Open Enrollment Period.
When you first enroll in Part B of Medicare at age 65 or older, you have six months to enroll in a Medicare Supplement without answering health questions. Your acceptance is guaranteed, and pre-existing health conditions receive full coverage immediately.
When your Open Enrollment Period ends, you can apply for a Medicare Supplement later at any time, but you will have to answer all health questions on the application. The insurance company could decline your application if you answer yes to any of the health questions.
You only get one opportunity to enroll in a Medicare Supplement where your acceptance is guaranteed. Don’t miss this chance to get the Medicare Supplement plan of your choice regardless of any health conditions.